Meal Counting

Never before has
meal counting been so simple.

With CN CENTRAL meal counting app you can serve meals and ala carte items in record time moving more students through your lunch lines faster than ever.

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Scan it, report it, claim it.

Designed with CEP schools in mind, CN CENTRAL makes serving and claiming reimbursable meals a snap. Students can just scan or enter their id and they are on their way. It can even be Hands Free with no need to touch the screen, the app will take a care of everything.

Of course all the required USDA reporting is included so it’s easier than ever to produce and submit your claims.

It’s simple. It’s fast.

Best of all, menu and a la carte items are fed automatically from your menu plan in CN CENTRAL, and transactions automatically feed into your production records. The CN CENTRAL Meal Counting POS saves you time not only during lunch, but before and afterwards too.

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Maintenance updates are greatly simplified and run automatically when required and there is no need antivirus software or windows updates required to run the app helping keep costs to a minimum.

The CN CENTRAL Meal counting app is unlike traditional POS systems that are bulky and require servers or expense hardware to run. Our meal counting app runs on most Samsung galaxy tablets.

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Its affordable, no expensive annual maintenance contracts to worry about.

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Serve anywhere, at any time.

Tablets are lightweight and can easily be transported to any part of your school or campus. Serve indoors, serve outdoors, with or without an internet connection. The app will sync up automatically and keep accurate meal counts no matter how or where you decide to use it.

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Menus drive everything.

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