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Real Time Compliance

CNCentral features real time compliance checks to ensure your menus meet all USDA required meal pattern requirements for 6 cent certification.

As each item is added to the menu you can easily see if the meal is compliant or if changes need to be made. If its green its compliant, if its red just make the highlighted’s that simple.

image description Recipe details including ingredients and directions

Real Time Production

With our new CNCentral Production Record app building staff can generate and record pre and post production record information. Planned vs served, recipe details including ingredients and directions, nutrient information and even gives you the power to upload or manage your own photo of the food or meal.

image description Gives you the power to easily manage post production records

The app integrates with CNCentral to automatically pull over menu information and, optionally with CNCentral Meal Counting, pre-fill transactional information to streamline record keeping.

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