Mobile Pre-Ordering

“Skip the line” and start enjoying your lunch!

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It’s Simple.

Choosi is a mobile app that allows students and parents to view their schools menus, nutritional information, and allergens.

Choosi is a standalone system design to work alongside any point of sale system. No need to change or replace any existing software.

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Choosi can even ensure all meals ordered through the app remain USDA compliant and are reimbursable. Student cannot complete their order until all standards are meet. Students use mobile ordering outside of schools all the time, now they can have the same experience in school.

Your existing menus are automatically uploaded into the choosi app, Students download the choosi mobile app and all menu and nutritional information is there. Then students can pre-order directly through the app and skip the line and pick up their lunch or breakfast.

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Students can rate the meal generating valuable feedback.
Schools using Choosi are more likely to be viewed as cutting edge with their students.
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Shorten Lunch Lines

Lunch periods are too short, Allowing students to pre-order their breakfast or lunch help shorten the line for everyone. Those that pre-order can grab their meal and go avoiding the need to wait in the main lunch line which shortens it for those students who did not pre-order.

Made to Order sandwich and salad bars are a snap. Now your school can offer made to order stations allowing student to select individual components such as bread type, meat, cheese veggie etc. Sandwich and salads can then be produced in the kitchen using existing ingredients without the need of having a station in the cafeteria. Kids love it and schools increase participation by offering healthy and fresh choices

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No smartphone? No problem.

No smartphone? No problem Students and parents can pre-order through our website or kiosks can be placed in the cafeteria for those that don’t have access to a smartphone.

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