Making Professional Standards Compliance Easy

CN CENTRAL’S eLearning module has been around since 2009 and has been growing ever since. In 2011 we implemented a statewide eLearning platform which is currently in use by several states.

Helping you Manage your Compliance & Training Requirements

Assign classes to your team, set reminders and get notifications when a course is or isn’t completed. All Critical information is in one place making it easy to keep track of it no matter how large your team is.

Learn at your own Pace

All classes can be completed at your own pace. Save your work and pick up right were you left off.

Track your Progress

An interactive dashboard makes it easy to track course activity and compare progress to other learners.

Meets 100% of Professional Standards

Our curriculum contains enough courses and training material to meet all Professional Standards requirements for each job position.

New content is always being added and we can even create custom content specific to the needs of your district.


Classes are designed to focus on the different training material and requirements for “Directors, Managers and Staff.”


Earned training hours are documented with Course Certificates and a Learner Transcript that is based off of the USDA tracking tool and automatically tracks total hours earned.

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