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When menus are the heart of the process everything connects seamlessly. Production records, POS menu layout, and Choosi mobile ordering menus and data come together to create a fully integrated solution your districts is going to love.
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Daily Wrap up
Introducing our newest app! The Daily Warp Up app automates several tasks that are routinely run each and every day by building staff to generate pre-and post production record information. Now you can easily update production records to account for food waste and leftovers, Timesheets, Cash balancing and Food costs all through a single easy to use app. Of course it integrates with CN CENTRAL to automatically pull over menu information and, optionally with CN CENTRAL Meal Counting, pre-fill transactional information to streamline record keeping.
Meal Counting POS
With CN Central meal counting app you can serve meals and ala carte items in record time moving more students through your lunch lines faster than ever. The CN Central Meal counting app is unlike traditional POS systems that are bulky and require servers or expense hardware to run. Our meal counting app runs on most android tablets.
Mobile Pre-Ordering
Choosi mobile app allows Students to pre-order and customize their meal so it’s ready for pickup in the cafeteria or anywhere else on campus the school would like to offer such as the library or from a cart in the hallway. Students use mobile ordering outside of schools all the time, now they can have the same experience in school. It’s time to skip the line and start enjoying lunch!

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